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Creating and Editing a Backup Plan

The wizard splits the task of scheduling backups and setting retention rules into 3 steps as follows:

Select a Template for your Backup Plan

  1. Click the drop down box and chose an applicable template.

    A summary is given for each template to help you select the template you require.

Add/Edit Schedules

When you have selected the template you want to use you can view the planned schedule. 

titleResolving Scheduling Conflicts

If multiple backup types are scheduled run at the same time on the same day then only one backup will run.. For example, when scheduling a Full backup on the first Monday of each month and scheduling a Differential for every Monday, on the first Monday a Full and Differential are both scheduled to run at the same time. In this scenario only the Full backup will run.

  • Full backups take precedence over Differentials and Incrementals
  • Differential Backups take precedence over Incrementals.

To add to this schedule:

  1. Click Add Schedule and select either Full, Differential or Incremental.
  2. Set the frequency for the backup schedule.

  3. Click OK.

To Edit the schedule:

  1. Select the schedule you want to edit and click Edit Schedule
  2. Change the schedule to meet your needs and click OK.

To delete a schedule:

  1. Select the schedule you want to delete and click Delete Schedule.
  2. A confirmation box appears, click Yes.

Define Retention Rules

  1. Establish how long each type of backup in the schedule should be kept. It is advisable to keep backups for the recommended period, however you can de-select the backup type if you do not want to retain it.

    Include Page
    _Retention Rules
    _Retention Rules

Advanced options

If required, set Advanced Options as follows:

  • Compression to reduce the file size. Select level of compression and whether to make an intelligent sector copy, that copies only disk sectors used by the file system or make an exact copy of the partitions, that includes unused sectors.
    Note: reducing the file size may increase the total backup time.
  • File Size to enter a fixed file size for the image, this is useful for manually copying the image file to CD/DVD.
  • Password to select whether to password protect the image.
  • Auto Verify Image to select to verify image or backup file directly after creation.
    Note:  This can add a significant amount of time to the backup process.
  • Comments to set comments for the image or backup.
  • Shutdown  to set whether the computer should be shutdown after a backup task has completed.