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Advanced Options

All forms of backup in Macrium Reflect have advanced options, accessed by clicking the Advanced Options link, All backup wizards have this link which can always be located in the lower left hand corner of each wizard. Cloning, too, is a form or backup and this also has advanced options, accessed in the same way.

Below is the Image backup advanced options as an example:

Common Advanced Options - Available to all backup types except Cloning

CompressionSet the desired compression on the resulting backup file. Choose between None, Medium or High.
Intelligent sector copyCopy only file system sectors/clusters that are in use. This reduces the size of the disk image file as unused file system clusters are not copied.
Make an exact copyCopy every sector/cluster used by the partition. This will also copy unused space and will make the image file significantly larger than 'Intelligent sector copy'.
File SizeSet maximum file size that will be created for the backup file, these are also known as file splits. Choose between Automatic or fixed size in either Megabytes or Gigabytes.
PasswordAdd password protection to the resulting backup files. Choose between standard, medium and high encryption. Each increasing level of encryption will require a stronger password.
Auto VerifyAutomatically verify the resulting backup file. This will add more time to the backup process but confirms if the resulting backup can be restored from. 
CommentsAdd a free form text comment to the backup.
ShutdownOnce the backup has complete you can choose to shutdown the computer, choose between Shutdown, Hibernate or Suspend.
Email SuccessSet recipient, subject, body and attachments should this backup succeed.
Email FailureSet recipient, subject, body and attachments should this backup fail. 


Cloning Advanced Options

Intelligent CopyClone only sectors in use from the source disk. Further to this option:
  • Verify File System. Ensure the source file system is valid before cloning.
  • Rapid Delta Clone. Only clone differences in the source and target disks since the previous clone was made.
  • Enable SSD Trim. Ensure target SSD partitions are trimmed prior to a clone.
Forensic CopyClone all sectors from the source disk.

File & Folder Backup Advanced Options

Reparse PointsFor both system and user reparse points, select to either follow or do not follow. An example reparse point is the folder "Documents and Settings" which when followed points (or expands) to a number of other folders. If followed then all folders the reparse point "contains" will be included in the backup.
Backup Set MatchingChoose between Similar, Strict or All.