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Note that the tools used to build rescue media require the working directory to be on an NTFS formatted drive, local to the Site Manager server.


Drivers for agent hardware that is not already compatible with Windows PE will be copied to the Site Manager server and stored in a database ('drivers.db' in the Site Manager programdata directory). Site Manager automatically requests new drivers from agents if a hardware change is detected and drivers of removed computers will be deleted from the database.

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Agent Rescue Media copy drivers required by the target agent. These drivers are displayed in the Rescue Media Build Wizard (above). 

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Users can choose to extract the drivers from the database using the table on the Rescue Media settings page or extract drivers from all agents at once. Driver export destinations depend on the name of the agent; drivers from, say, AGENT will be copied into the drivers\exports\AGENT subfolder in the Rescue Media working directory (this folder will be created automatically). Alternatively, the exported drivers can be grouped by the Windows PE configuration suitable for the respective agent, this is controlled by the checkbox. For example, if AGENT was a Windows 10 machine then drivers would be exported to drivers\exports\PE10x64\AGENT. This may help users prepare Generic Rescue Media for use on groups of similar agents.

titleManagement of Exported Drivers

Site Manager does not clear the contents of the export folder between exports - this may lead to old and new drivers existing in the same folder. We recommend users move drivers out of the export folder after export and clear the folder between exports.

Drivers which should be included in all Rescue Media for a given Windows PE configuration should be placed in a subfolder named after the configuration (e.g. drivers\PE10x64). These drivers will be included in both generic and agent Rescue Media which are based on the corresponding Windows PE configuration.

From Macrium Site Manager 8.1.7888, a new 'Drivers' page has been added to the 'Restore' menu. This page provides greater visibility and ease of management for drivers in Macrium Site Manager. For more information about this page and how to manage drivers, please see this article (Link to managing drivers in Macrium Site Manager).

When creating rescue media, any drivers that have been harvested by, or manually added to, Site Manager will be included in the rescue media. When creating 'Agent Rescue Media' the 'Device Drivers' tab of the 'Build Rescue Media' wizard will show the drivers that are being included in the rescue media.

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Creating Rescue Media

Rescue Media are created through a wizard on the Rescue Media page, accessed by clicking on the “New” button above the table.