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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space KNOW and version 8.0


  1. Open a command prompt and change the directories as necessary so the path to reflect.exe is shown. 
    See Running an elevated command prompt.

    Complete the command line as follows:

    Code Block
    reflect.exe ["Path to Image file"] [Add one or more switches] 

    Note: Instead of inserting Path to Image file you can also replace it with LAST_FILE_CREATED if you want the last Image created in the current Windows session to be mounted.

    Available CLI switches:   


    Browse Image, always needed to mount Image.
     -autoDo not show the Backup Selection dialog and automatically mount all partitions in the image file.

    A comma separated list of drive letters to use for the mounted image eg; -drives m,n  If no drive letters are specified then the next available letters are used.

    Note: To 'skip' mounting a partition use the Asterisk character instead of a drive letter
     -passUse for password protected Image files, add password in inverted commas. e.g. -pass "password"

     Note: If you do not use -auto you will be prompted with the Backup Selection dialog to assign the drive letters. 


  1. In the Macrium Reflect application, select Existing Backups in the top menu.

  2. Expand the Existing Backup Tasks then select Detach a backup image from Windows Explorer.

  3.  Select the drive letter you wish to unmount.
    Image Removed
    Image Added

Using the CLI: