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Advanced Backup Settings

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Ignore bad sectors when creating images.Damaged disks may still be imaged if this option is selected.
Display backup notification delay for 

Changes the time the 'Backup task' delay window is displayed before a scheduled backup starts.

Note: Clicking 'Do not show this message again' will uncheck the default setting here. 

The backup task can be postponed for 10 minutes to 4 hours by selecting the time in the drop down and clicking OK.

Postponed backups can be actioned using the Taskbar system tray icon:

Click 'Show'

The backup can be run now, cancelled or postponed further using the drop down selections.

Click 'Cancel' to dismiss the dialog and continue with the current postponement.

Do not abort a file and folder backup if a root folder is missing.Enabling this option will allow your File and Folder backup to continue even if a root folder of the backup is missing.
Enforce an entered image or File and Folder backup file name.Normally, if you run an Incremental or Differential image of say drive 'C', the target folder is searched for a recent backup set for the same source (Drive 'C'). The backup set is then appended to. The file name you have chosen for the backup will not be used in this matching process. 

If you enter your own file name and select "Enforce entered image or file and folder backup file name" then only backup sets using the same backup definition file name and for the same source will be appended to, if none is found then a new full will be created. 
Show a warning in the log if retention rules remove all backups in the destination folder.

If enabled, and all backups in the destination folder are deleted due to retention rules set prior to the backup starting, or the free space threshold is reached, then a warning message is shown in the log and the backup completes with a warning status.  

Note: The Warning will not be triggered if the Retention rules are explicitly set to retain 1 Full image and set to run before the backup. In this case, it is expected that there will be no backups before the current backup runs.
Only allow Administrators to monitor running backupsFor multi-user systems, such as terminal servers,  ReflectMonitor will not run for non-administrator accounts if selected.
Backup Execution Mode

By default, execution is set as Prompt which means an option dialog is prompted whenever users try to run an existing backup definition file via Run Now option. Changing it to Interactive or Background makes the backup run interactively or in background without any prompt. 

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Prompt execution dialog example:
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Report transfer rates.

Will allow you to change the way transfer rates are reported in.