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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space KNOW and version 7.2


  1. Right click on the downloaded file, and chose properties:

    1. Check that the file has a digital signature (if not, the digital signature tab is not present).

    2. Select digital signatures tab.
      There will be two signatures, sha1 and sha256. Having two signatures ensures complete coverage for all Windows Operating Systems:

    3. Check the digital signatures are valid, Click details on both certificates.  

  2. Verify the code signing, confirming that the file hasn't been modified and then resigned with a certificate that resembles ours:

    1.  Click view certificate button.

    2. Click details tab.
      1. The thumbprint for the sha1 certificate should be: ‎bca4ffa119ef2e96a573e9d7b4aa35b832ff7161  OR
        1d5389e819282db693e5a44dc50987af278c765d  depending on the date of the signature

      2. The sha256 certificate should be: 282c3f64b5f33fa789cd23660953eb5301e5e001