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Password:Enter a password to protect against accidental or unauthorised running of the this restore.
Source Image File:

Restore this image file: This is the default and the operation. The image file selected will be used as the restore source.

Restore the latest matching image in the same folder: The image folder is will be searched for all any image files that contain the partitions being restored. The latest backup date is chosen for as the restore source.

Target Disk Selection:

Match target disk on unique identifier: This is the default and the operation. The unique disk id is used to ensure that the correct disk is restore restored to.

Match target disk on disk number if unique id is not found. : This option will not fail the restiore restore if the target unique disk has a different unique id. Instead id cannot be found. In this case the disk with th esame the same disk number will be chosen. Use with caution as Windows PE can enumerate disks in a different sequence and cause the wrong disk to be restored to. This , however, this won't be an issue if your sytem system has only one local disk.

Restore xml file location

Choose drive: Select from a list of local drives to save the


restore definition file. The file will be saved in the root folder of the chosen drive and will be named 'macrium_restore.xml'

Choose a file name and location: If selected, a file 'save As' dialog will be shown when the 'OK' button on this dialog is clicked. This enables saving the restore definition file to any file name and to any folder.

Note: For auto restore to operate the restore definition must be named 'macrium_restore.xml' and be located on a root folder on a local drive. Saving to a different name and/or location enables you to prepare several restore definitions for later use.

Set the restore xml file as 'Read Only':
At the end of an auto restore the restore definition is automatically deleted. Setting the definition as 'Read Only' prevents deletion and enables re-running of the same restore each time Windows PE starts.


How auto restore works

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