The Computers Report page gives you detailed information about the "health" of your Computers connected across all Sites as well as the last activity for each one.

The reports can be filtered by each of the categories using the Open Filters button in the top bar.

For detailed information on the possible health errors use the Help button in the app.

Upgrade the Site Managers to the most recent version to have access to all the information.

Older versions of Site Manager may not expose all the data.

Below is a table with the possible errors a Computer might have and possible solutions in Site Manager:

Error MessageSolution
No Recent BackupsRun a backup of this Computer.
No Backups ScheduledAdd this Computer to an active backup Schedule.
Last Backup FailedView the logs for this Computer. Fix any issues. Then take a successful backup of this Computer. If there is no log, investigate further in Site Manager.
DisconnectedInvestigate connection issue in Site Manager.

How do I get here?

  • You can access this report from the Reports section of the primary app menu.