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As with all software products, a major release will introduce unexpected problems, regardless of the quality of the beta testing beforehand. Low level win32 applications, such as Macrium Reflect, deal with innumerable combinations of hardware, software, and OS configurations, some of which may have problems not resolved until after public release. Despite extensive planning and testing, nothing quite matches the real world.

Macrium operates differently to other software companies to ensure that every customer, new and existing, has the best user experience. By rapidly iterating and providing multiple patches in the days after release, some of our hardest work is done during this time. It's vitally important to us that our users are able to utilize the best possible version of Reflect as soon as possible, not be asked to wait months or even a year for the next major update. To minimize interruption, we also ensure that any patches delivered will be small, and where possible, will not require a Windows reboot to apply.

We appreciate your patience, and we understand to those who haven't encountered any problems, these updates may seem too frequent. To help with unnecessary interruptions for those unaffected by the changes, we've added an option to 'Skip' the latest update, also linked at the top of the release notes.

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