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The following similar error may appear in a failed backup log if the backup definition is invalid for the current state of your system:

XML Validation Error

The Backup Definition view will also show a similar error:

This error indicates that the partitions intended to be included in an image backup cannot be found on your PC. Backup definitions are used to backup disk partitions based on Disk ID and Partition number on local disks. If a disk is re-initialised, removed or has had the partition layout changed since the backup definition was created, then it may not be possible to determine which partitions were intended to be included in the image file.

To resolve the problem

  1. If the disk you are imaging has been removed from your system then re-attach the disk and try again. 

  2. If the partition layout or Disk ID on your disk has changed then you can resolve the problem by editing the definition file and re-selecting the partitions to image.

    Right click on the backup definition and click 'Edit':

    Select the partitions to include in the image and click 'Finish':

    Note: In this case, as the partition layout has changed,  you cannot create an Incremental or Differential image of an existing backup set. A new Full image will be created by default..

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