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This article covers the procedure for removing a purchased license key from one computer so it can be transferred to another computer, such as when a computer is replaced due to upgrading your computer or so it can be restored to the same computer after a major upgrade.
Please note that a separate license key is required on each computer on which Macrium Reflect is installed.  The transfer of a license key from one computer to another is only allowed for legitimate upgrade/replacement purposes.


1.  Make sure you have a record of your license key:

Your license key was sent by e-mail when you originally purchased.  Your license key can also be found in the 'Help' menu of Macrium Reflect by selecting 'About Macrium Reflect...'. 

Lost keys can also be retrieved here:

2.  Remove your license key and uninstall Macrium Reflect:

Open Macrium Reflect in your old computer and making sure it is connected to the Internet, then in the 'Help' menu select 'Remove License...',

The following dialog is displayed:

Ensure there is a tick against 'Uninstall Reflect' and click 'OK'. 
Macrium Reflect will uninstall and your license key will be removed making it available to be used on your replacement computer or original computer after a major upgrade.

More information:

You can download installers and license keys by entering your email address here:

You should create a new Windows PE rescue CD on your new hardware.