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Kaspersky anti-virus software can cause a problem when creating backup and image files using Macrium Reflect. This program attempts to open and scan all files created by Reflect.

There are two issues with this.

  1. Image files of many GB could take a long time to open.
  2. The image sometimes cannot finish correctly because Kasperky has an exclusive lock on the file being created.
    If you receive the following information in the log file then it's possible Kaspersky could be to blame:

    Backup aborted! - Write operation failed - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

    To resolve this issue you must add reflect.exe and reflectservice.exe to the Kaspersky trusted zone. (Settings->Threats and Exclusions->Trusted Zone )

    Response from Kaspersky below:

    "The new software due out on the 1st of July across the UK (it is already released across much of Europe) will work in a different way to the older version. It will check for digital signatures and then assign rights to these programs without asking the user so the issue should be fixed with that version - our users will be able to upgrade to Kaspersky 2009 free of charge - they should keep a look out on our site for details.

    With the current version 7 users would have to add the executables as suggested to the trusted zone."

Update June 2011

This issue has still not been resolved by Kaspersky


A customer has reported the following fix for Kaspersky 2011:

"I've now found the correct place in Kaspersky 2011 to put the macrium exe's (reflect.exe,reflectservice.exe). It's:-

Systems & Applications (button) ->
Application Control (button) ->
Settings (button) ->
Operating System (tab) ->
Category (pulldown) -> Protected Applications
Add -> now browse to your install directory and make sure both exe's are trusted."