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When mounting an Macrium Reflect image in Windows 7 while using HP Protect service you may receive the following message when trying to access the mounted drive:
<drive> is not accessible \ incorrect function
The problem is caused by HP Protect service which causes access to the image file which is mounted by Macrium Reflect's thoroughly tested mounted service to fail. 


You need to disable HP Protect service before trying to mount any Macrium Reflect image backup. To complete this task follow the below steps:
  1. Right click My computer and select 'Manage '  expand Services and Application, then select 'Services' then navigate to the service entitled 'FLCDLOCK' Double click the service and select 'Stop' see below:

  2. After disabling HP Protect service mount your backup using Macrium Reflect or by right clicking the file and selecting 'Explore Image'
  3. To enable HP Protect service restart your computer.