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If you are experiencing a Blue screen of death (BSOD) or a sudden reboot during a backup on Windows XP or 2003, then consider the following solution.This applies to any software that engages VSS, not just Macrium Reflect.

A BSOD is the error message resulting from a kernel mode crash. These are typically caused by either faulty drivers or failing hardware. Unfortunately, Windows is often configured to reboot after crash so the BSOD message is hidden. If your machine suddenly and unexpectedly reboots, this is typically due to a kernel mode crash. You can either configure your machine not to reboot on a BSOD (see here []) or use the free tool blue screen view [] to display previous BSOD errors.

  1. Go to windows Device Manager ( )

  2. Click "view" and select "show hidden devices"

  3. Scroll down to "storage volumes"

  4. Click on the plus to expand.

  5. Click on each one listed and right click and uninstall. You may get a message indicating a reboot is required. Select no until you do them all.

  6. Reboot.

  7. Wait till windows automatically reinstalls devices. You may get a prompt to reboot again.

  8. Reboot.

Imaging your system involves the transfer of volumes of data much higher than you experience in normal system operation. This can reveal real latent hardware issues. If the above solution does not fix your issue, or you are receiving a different BSOD, then  consider replacing your hardware or checking for loose / faulty leads or cooling issues such as loose heat sinks or faulty fans.