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Starting with version 7, Central Management Console has been superseded by Site Manager .

Site Manager is the platform for all new feature development and allows the management and monitoring of multiple sites through Macrium MultiSite.

Additionally, Site Manager is based on the Macrium Reflect version 7 engine, allowing all the new features introduced as part of the Macrium Reflect 7 series of releases. Some information on this is listed here - Macrium Reflect Version 7 New Features and here - Macrium Reflect 7.1 New Features.

Licensing changes

Because the backup engine used has been upgraded to Macrium Reflect 7, all license keys in Site Manager must be upgraded to version 7 licenses. As part of the upgrade process, any Macrium Agent License keys will be upgraded and optionally any client computers with standalone Reflect keys can be upgraded. 

Any version 6 keys which have been bought as multiple seat Macrium Agent Licenses are eligible for a free upgrade to version 7. This will occur in the Site Manager upgrade process.

If a client with a standalone version 6 reflect key is not upgraded, version 7 Site Manager will allocate a MAL to the computer until the license is updated. This may increase the number of license seats used. Version 6 standalone keys can be updated after the upgrade to Site Manager through the Licenses page of the Site Manager interface.

Starting an Upgrade

When the Site Manager upgrade is ready, the Central Management Console will notify you in the same way it notifies you for a new patch:

This message will be shown only once per user - however the upgrade button will be active on the About page of the Central Management Console:

The Upgrade to V7 button will start the upgrade procedure, the Check for Updates / Update Now button works the same way it has previously, performing updates within the version 6 series of Central Management Console releases.

Selecting the upgrade option will launch the upgrade wizard - the actual upgrade will only be downloaded and installed when the wizard has completed.

The Upgrade Wizard

The Upgrade Wizard consists of two stages - Macrium Agent License upgrade and standalone Reflect license upgrade. The first page of the wizard appears as below:

Every license key which is used as a Macrium Agent License is listed in this page. Next each license key, there is either text indicating the key is already a version 7 key (the green text Key is V7 compatible) or controls to upgrade the key. To upgrade the key, press the Upgrade button. The CMC server will attempt to perform an upgrade of the key with the Macrium license servers. If the key is eligible for a free upgrade, the process will succeed and the interface will show the new key:

If the license key is not eligible for a free upgrade, the dialog will show the following:

If you have a valid Reflect version 7 upgrade key, it can be entered here to complete the key upgrade.

If there are keys which you wish to remove from the CMC instead of upgrade, you can drop them with the Drop button. 

Once all keys have been upgraded to version 7 keys or dropped, the next button becomes active:

Once this button has been pressed, the wizard moves the the next stage - updating license keys on computers with Macrium Reflect licenses:

This page lists all the client computers which have standalone Macrium Reflect licenses. As with the previous page, these licenses can be upgraded using the Upgrade button next to each license. 

It is not necessary to upgrade all standalone Reflect licenses to continue with the upgrade - the Install button is enabled regardless of license status. This is so that a Site Manager upgrade can be performed even if some of the agents are offline.

In Site Manager, until a version 6 standalone license has been upgraded to version 7, it will consume a MAL seat. If there are insufficient free seats, this will result in the computer being marked as unlicensed and unable to be managed.

After upgrade, standalone keys may be upgraded on the Licenses page.

Upgrading the licenses here will update the license on the remote computer. Only online, managed computers running the latest agent version can have their license upgraded.

Once license upgrades are complete, press Install to complete the wizard, download and install the Site Manager upgrade. The wizard will close and the upgrade will be downloaded and applied:


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