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Please refer to the download links provided in the Macrium Beta Program email recently sent. If you did not receive an email and would like to participate then please contact for further information

Please run the correct .msi installation package depending on the architecture of your PC.

ArchitectureDownload link
32 Bitmacrium_remote_mgnt_x86.msi
64 Bitmacrium_remote_mgnt_x64.msi



The Central Management Console is available for download as either a 32-bit Windows Installer or a 64-bit Windows Installer

Run the installation package and follow the simple wizard:


The recommended security level is Simple Setup for beta testinginternal and test installations and Secure Setup for production environments.

Note: You can enable HTTPS at a later stage if you wish.   These security settings may be changed at any time from the Settings page of the Management Console.

After selecting your security configuration the Management Console will immediately restart