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ReflectMonitor is a small utility that provides backup notifications and progress for scheduled backups.

When a scheduled backup starts an icon will appear in the Task  Bar notification area:

If you double click the icon or right click and select 'Show' the backup progress dialog is shown:



Accessing ReflectMonitor with a Hot Key


Alternatively, the backup progress can be shown at any time by pressing the 'Hot Key' combination Ctr+Alt+M. If a backup isn't currently running then the status of the last backup run in the current Windows session will be show. 

To enable/disable the Hot Key or change the letter from 'M' you can make a simple Registry edit:

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Macrium\Reflect\ReflectMonitor

EnableHotKeyDWORD*1 = Enable
0 = Disable

0x41 A key
0x42 B key
0x43 C key
0x44 D key
0x45 E key
0x46 F key
0x47 G key
0x48 H key
0x49 I key
0x4A J key
0x4B K key
0x4C L key
* 0x4D M key
0x4E N key
0x4F O key
0x50 P key
0x51 Q key
0x52 R key
0x53 S key
0x54 T key
0x55 U key
0x56 V key
0x57 W key
0x58 X key
0x59 Y key
0x5A Z key

Note:  * is the default value if the entry doesn't exist. Please create the entry in the registry to change a value. 

Note: Please restart Windows after changing

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