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The Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page is shown after login:

The Dashboard page shows a number of different widgets to monitor the status of the Management Console - the overall layout of widgets and the configuration of each widget is stored on a per-user basis so different users can set up their Dashboards in different ways,

To remove a Dashboard widget, select 'Remove' from the dropdown menu in the upper right of the widget. To add a widget, click the '+' button on the bottom of one of the three columns. This will bring up a list of available widgets to choose from:

Selecting '+ Add Widget' will add the chosen widget to the appropriate column of the Dashboard.

The available widgets are:

Widget NameDescription
ActivityShows progress bars and information for any currently backing up computers,
InsightOverall statistics and information on the Management Console, backups performed and managed computers
Notification CentreA list of all the events and notifications which have been generated and tools to filter and delete them
Unprotected ComputersDisplays warnings for any computer which has not been backed up or has been failing backups recently
ComputersOverview of the status of computers currently being managed and their connection status
Backup StatusShows a graph of backup results over one of a number of time periods
Repository Disk UsageShows the free and used space on a repository in pie chart format
ForecastShows an overview of any upcoming scheduled backups which will be occurring on the Management Console

Setup Pages

These pages are grouped under the 'Setup' heading in the Management Console and contain all the setup and configuration steps for Centrally Managed Backups.


The Computers page manages the connected client computers of the Management Console and provides tools to add, remove and configure them.

Backup Definitions

The Backup Definitions page contains definitions of what and how computers should be backed up. These definitions can be run manually or scheduled to run automatically:


Schedules describe when backups should be run and the rules behind retention of backups. 


Repositories are locations which backup data is saved and managed. A Backup Definition can be set to backup to a Repository according to a Schedule.


The View Logs Page

The View Logs page is used to review backup history and gives access to all backup logs on connected clients. For more detailed information see Reviewing Backups.

The View Event Log Page

The event log contains a log of all the actions that have been taken in the Central Management Console and can be used to help review activity and access to the Management Console. See Reviewing Management Console Activity for more details.

The Licenses Page

The Licenses page is used to display license information for connected clients and allow management of Client Access Licenses to enable clients without Reflect installed to be licensed and managed. See Installing and Managing Client Computers for more details.


The Settings Page

The Settings page contains settings for security, third-party integration and controls for features such as notifications. See Management Console Settings for more information.


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