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Managing a client computer requires either a standalone install of Macrium Reflect already on the computer or a Macrium Agent License key set in the Management Server. See below for details

Depending on network configuration there may be other steps required. See Remote Agent Prerequisites for details.

Agent Computer Preparation

A command-line tool is available which performs the firewall and DNS steps to prepare an agent computer.



Adding Client Computers to the Management Console

If manually installing the Remote Agent, this may be done either before or after adding the computer to the Management Console. If automatically installing, the Remote Agent installation is handled as part of adding the computer to the Management Console. See Managing Remote Computers for detailed steps.

Additional guidance for manually installing the Remote Agent software on the client is available here: Manually installing the remote agent.

Licenses - Standalone and Macrium Agent Licenses

Adding a client computer requires appropriate Reflect licensing for that computer. This can be provided by a standalone install of Reflect on the client computer or by a Macrium Agent License on the server. 

Standalone Licenses

All valid Reflect v6 or above licenses can be used to connect to the Management Console, with the exception of Free Edition and Trial license keys. In addition, only 4 clients with Home Edition license keys may be managed. Additional Home Edition computers will require Macrium Agent Licenses to manage.

Macrium Agent Licenses

Any non-Trial Server Edition or Workstation Edition licenses are valid for use as Macrium Agent Licenses. These are entered into the Management Console directly and allocated to client computers as needed on an automatic basis. Clients running Server versions of Windows require a Server Edition license, other machines require a Workstation license. If there are insufficient Workstation Macrium Agent Licenses to license all non-Server clients and unused Server Macrium Agent Licenses, the Server Macrium Agent Licenses will be allocated to the unlicensed Workstations. 

Each Macrium Agent License key may have multiple seats associated with it, allowing one key to act as a Macrium Agent License for multiple clients.

Macrium Agent Licenses are also available for Virtual Machines - these behave exactly the same as full Macrium Agent Licenses but only apply to clients installed on Virtual Machines. If there are insufficient Virtual Machine licenses, full licenses will be used in instead.

Trial Licences

On first run, the Central Management Console will create Trial keys for 1 server and 5 workstations which are valid for 30 days. If these are not needed, they can be deleted from the Management Console safely. 

Viewing License Information

The Management Console has a License View page for managing and viewing license information. The initial view of this page is shown below:

The view is split into a number of tabs as follows:


The summary section contains an overview of license usage, including a table showing how many Macrium Agent License seats of each type are available, how many are used and how many client computers have standalone Macrium Reflect Licenses.

Warnings and error messages are also displayed in this section as below:

Macrium Agent License Keys

This tab shows the list of Macrium Agent Licenses installed on the Management Server. The key table shown below displays the key, license owner name, license type, number of MAL seats and whether the key is valid or not. If a trial key has been used, the Key Expiry column shows the date that the key will expire.

Adding Macrium Agent Licenses

To add a Macrium Agent License, the 'Add' button on the License page Macrium Agent License Keys page should be used. This will display an option to enter a key:

On clicking OK, the Management Console validates the key as shown below:

Once validation has occurred, the key is added to the Macrium Agent License key store:

When this happens, Macrium Agent Licenses are recalculated automatically. If validation was unsuccessful, an error message is displayed instead:

Removing Macrium Agent License Keys

Each key in the Macrium Agent License Keys table has a Remove option. Using this option will prompt for conformation and remove the key. Macrium Agent Licenses are automatically reallocated if this is done.

Unlicensed Computers

If there are any client computers which do not have valid Macrium Agent Licenses or valid Macrium Reflect standalone licenses, the Unlicensed Computers tab will show a warning triangle. Clicking on this tab will show a list of computer which require licenses:

The type of MAL required is shown in the License Type Required column. The column menu of each column can be used to search, sort and show or hide columns in this view.

Licensed Computers

This view shows all computers which have valid licenses, either Macrium Agent Licenses or Macrium Reflect standalone licenses:

If the License Type Required and License Type Used show different values, the computer is using another available MAL type as there are no free licenses of the appropriate type. In the example about, DESKTOP-NDU0L9B is using a Server VM license as there are no Workstation VM licenses installed.

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