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  • Deploying Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition Using SCCM
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Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition can be deployed to networked computers using Microsoft Systems Centre using the installation .exe file and a command line string to install Reflect and apply licenses.

This article will specifically cover installation of Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition, however, both Server and Server Plus editions can also be deployed using a similar method. 


To assign a valid license to each deployed computer the following conditions must be met:

  1. Each computer must have a valid Internet connection at the time of deployment
  2. Order reference(s) for multiple Workstation licenses must be used in the installation command line (see below step 9).
    A single deployment can only deploy up to the total number of Macrium licenses purchased the order references supplied. 


Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition .exe is available in two different architectures.:

32 Bitv6.x.xxx_reflect_wkstn_setup_x86.exe
64 Bitv6.x.xxx_reflect_wkstn_setup_x64.exe


Download the Macrium Reflect Download Agent to your PC and run it.

  • Select 'Trial Software',
  • Choose 'Workstation' ,
  • Click 'Options'
  • Select 'Reflect Installer Only' and click 'OK'.
  • Un-check 'Run Installer..'
  • Finally click 'Download' 
  • The downloaded file will be located in 'C:\Users\<USER>\Downloads\Macrium'

A separate deployment is required for each architecture. 


Before you begin: Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager must previously have been installed on Windows Server.


  1. Open SCCM and navigate to 'Software Library' > 'Applications' menu on the left hand pane.


  2. Right click the 'Applications' menu and select 'Create Application'.

  3. In the newly opened wizard click 'Manually specify the application information' and click 'Next'.
  4. Enter a name "Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition x64" and click 'Next'.
  5. Leave this page as default and click 'Next'.
  6. On the following page click 'Add' to specify the application to be deployed. 
  7. In the newly opened wizard click 'Manually specify the application information' and click 'Next'.
  8. Enter a name "Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition x64" and click 'Next'.
  9. First enter the 'Content location' of your installation .exe file, then specify the parameters for the installation using a command line string under 'Installation program' option. Once entered click 'Next'.

    Below is an example of the command line string used for an automated install: 

    You will need to replace the ORDERREF=NNNNNNNN with the details from your purchase.

    1. This will only work with full (not upgrade) licenses.
    2. An Internet connection is required.
    3. If you have made multiple orders, you can specify a colon separated list, eg ...


      They will be searched in the same order as specified.

  10. Click 'Add Clause...'

  11. In a newly opened windows click 'Browse...' to select the executable installation file.

  12. Expand to the location of the executable file, select the desired executable and click 'OK'.

  13. Confirm that the executable is added to the 'Clause' pane and click 'Next'.

  14. Firstly change the 'Installation behaviour' to 'Install for system' by selecting it from the drop down menu, then change the 'Logon requirements' to 'Whether or not a user is logged on' by doing the same. 
    Once its done click 'Next' a few more times followed by 'Close' at the summary page.

  15. After clicking 'Close' you will be presented with another wizard, click click 'Next' until you reach a 'Completion' page then click 'Close'.

  16. Once the 'Close' button is clicked, you can start deploying the Macrium Reflect Workstation Edition as per your companies SCCM deployment protocol.